Belize Fishing With Damon Newpher, Part 1

There’s a reason Damon Newpher finds himself returning to Ambergris Caye again and again – and it’s not just because of the beaches!

The New York-based, self-prescribed ‘outdoor addict’ has been leading fishing excursions in Belize for years – since before Belize was one of the more popular tourist hostspots – and he says the fishing is only getting better.

“The fishing keeps getting better and better even though [Belize] is becoming more popular,” says Newpher, before he goes on to praise the Belizean government and locals for doing an excellent job of protecting and enhancing the local fishing. “Off Ambergris Caye is some of the best [fishing] we’ve ever experienced, compared to the Florida Keys, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Mexico.”

During his time off San Pedro Newpher has seen fish species thriving, with bonefish in particular thriving and even increasing both in size and in number. Fantastic news for sports fishing fanatics given that bonefish are available year-round in Belize!

If you plan on joining us for a fishing trip, be sure to catch up on your Belize Fishing rules!