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When was the last time you participated in a paint fight? Full on, covered head to toe, throwing paint at anyone and everyone?

If you’re looking to add some wild and wacky variety to your vacation experience, a trip to Ambergris Caye for Carnival de San Pedro from February 6 through 9 is right around the corner.

Of course, it’s not all paint-covered fun and games. There’s also parades, fireworks, and festive celebrations of Belizean culture. San Pedro really earns its reputation as a wacky and quirky town with this festival.

When you’ve reached your limit with the festivities, and that’s when it’s time to head back to Victoria House, take advantage of a luxurious bath (or shower!), and relax. A dip in the pool or some fine dining are just what you need to cap off the best vacation you’ve had in years.

Come for the paint fights and celebrations, stay for the world class accommodations and luxuries. It’s the best way to travel Belize.