Caving in Belize| Barton Creek

Caving in Belize is one of those adventures that you just need to experience. Caving can be difficult and perhaps even scary at times, but Barton Creek is quite the opposite.

Barton Creek Cave is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Western Region of Cayo District. Caving in Belize Belize is very different from Caves in North America, Belize’s caves are humid mostly and made of limestone formations.

Caving in Belize “Barton Creek”|Highlights

*Canoeing in a Cave Experience
*Maya History & Artifacts
*Cave Formations (Stalactites & Stalagmites)

Barton Creek Cave, as its name may suggest, has a river that flows through the cave making this a very cool experience. Most caves in Belize are very humid due to their location and most are above ground.

As you get on your canoe, you and your licensed tour guide will take a 30-minute canoe ride up the cave. Easy enough right! A cave tour that requires minimal walking and physical activity, just great! In addition to its natural beauty, the cave also hosts a variety of Maya cultural remains that are evidence of the ancient Maya civilization practices.

The Mayas believed that the caves where the entrance to “Xibalba” or the underworld. It is common to find sacrificial remains in caves around Belize, as archeologists believe these caves were once used as sacrificial chambers. The limestone found in the cave has helped to calcify the remains preserving and leaving the bones intact. Barton Creek Cave is a calm and less strenuous activity making it the perfect experience for all.

On your next Belize vacation, be sure to make time to explore one of these magnificent Caves in Belize. For more information contact Victoria House Reservation Office toll-free at 1-800-247-5159 to start your caving in Belize experience.