Three Reasons to Visit Victoria House: Culture, Reefs, and Rainforests

Belize is so much more than beautiful weather and beaches. In fact, this pint-sized nation is packed with opportunities for adventure. Referred to as a “triple threat” destination, travelers can experience the sea, rainforest, and local culture all in one visit.

Culture: Belize was once inhabited by the ancient Maya, a civilization that flourished for nearly 3000 years, leaving behind physical artifacts and ancient ruins. Xunantunich is located along a river and contains the famous El Castillo: the second tallest structure in the country at 130 feet and one of the largest royal tombs in Belize. Excavation work continues at this site, so who knows what you might see while you’re there!

Rainforest: Why not get off the beaten track and explore the jungle? Zipline above the rainforest canopies, go birding among marshes and mangroves, or double down on the adventure with a trek through Mayan Ruins before floating through the main cave system also known as the underworld.

Sea: Your trip would be incomplete without some sort of underwater exploration. Ambergris Caye straddles the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef in the world, and a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. Belize also has three distinct Caribbean atolls, including Lighthouse Reef where divers and snorkelers will find the Great Blue Hole.

If you’re keen on adventure, you can find more information on the excursions offered at Victoria House on our Activities page.