Enjoy Belize Cuisine & Diverse Flavors| Top 3 Dishes

Belize Cuisine, a country rich with diverse, vibrant cultures, is certain to abound with a variety of delicious cuisines. Spend a day on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, and you will be quick to spot the variety of food choices available on the island. The history and culture of Belize is a mixture of 7 primary ethnic groups: Mestizo, Mayan, Anglo-European, Creole, Asian, Garifuna, and Middle Eastern.  Enjoy the diverse Flavors of Belize Cuisine and Belize Food

Each of these ethnic groups contributes to the diverse flavors found in Belize. The following are our top 3 most recommended cuisines:

Belize Cuisines #1 Rice and Beans, Stew Chicken or Fish

You just can’t leave Belize without tasting the national dish of Belize: rice and beans cooked together with the tropical taste of fresh coconut milk. This creamy combination of rice cooked with either red bean or black bean is a #1 favorite all over Belize. Traditionally this Belize food is a local’s favorite specially on Sundays.

Belize Cuisine #2 Seafood Ceviche

The most ordered appetizer in Belize is Ceviche. Ceviche is known throughout Central and South America and has long been a favorite seafood dish. However, in Belize the ceviche is commonly made with shrimp or conch (when in season) marinated in lime juice with diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and a dash of habanero peppers, seasoned with salt to taste. The ceviche is often eaten with tortilla chips accompanied with an ice-cold Belikin beer. Order Ceviche 3 Ways at Victoria House Admiral Nelson’s Bar to sample some of the best ceviche on Ambergris Caye.

 Belize Cuisine #3 Stone Crab

A rare delicacy from our bountiful waters, harvested locally and much sought after by locals and visitors alike. Served chilled and pre-cracked, stone crab goes down equally well with a crisp white with or an icy Belikin. A Belize cuisine served at our very own Palmilla Restaurant and also a favorite amoung many of our visitors.

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