Learn the Mayan Calendar, and More!

Do you know your sign? Many read horoscopes and seek understanding of their personality from their zodiac sign. But did you know that the Mayans also did this in their own way?

The Mayan calendar is a much more complicated system than what we use now. Their calendar has three cycles that work together. The Haab is a solar calendar, that like ours, is 365 days long. The Tzolkin is known as the divine calendar, with 260 days that are used to determine religious importance. The Long Count is astronomical, and is nearly 8,000 years long. At the each of each cycle, they believed that the universe was destroyed and recreated.

Just like your birthday may make you a Gemini or Leo, birth dates also hold significance in the Tzolkin calendar. Interested in learning more about the Mayan way of life? Be sure to visit the ruins during your trip to Belize—you might just come out with a better understanding of yourself!

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