Make our Famous Ceviche at Home

At Victoria House one of our famous dishes is our Ceviche Carretillero. A favorite among many, there’s nothing quite like fresh seafood when you’re dining beachfront. Our chefs have provided the recipe for the coveted dish so that when you’re back home and wanting a taste of Victoria House, you can recreate it from your kitchen!

Here are the ingredients required:

Snapper fillet
Lime juice
Salt & pepper
Yellow bell pepper
Red onion
Leche de tigre sauce
Sweet potato puree
Tortilla and cassava chips

Preparation instructions are as follow:

  1. Place your mixing bowl over an ice bath
  2. Combine snapper, salt and pepper, and lime juice and marinate for 3 minutes.
  3. Add red onion, yellow pepper, chopped cilantro, and leche de tigre sauce.
  4. Smear sweet potato puree around bowl
  5. Place ceviche in the middle and pour remaining sauce on top
  6. Top with a fried calamari ring, chips, and a slice of cooked corn.
  7. Garnish with cilantro leaves and sliced radish.

Bon appetite! We hope you’ll feel transported back to Victoria House… if only while enjoying the ceviche.