News from the Victoria House Spa

As the largest spa facility on Ambergris Caye we are committed to providing exceptional spa experiences whether through the addition of new treatments or in the form of learning fresh techniques.

Just in time for winter getaways our staff recently spent 3 days training specifically on facials. Your skin takes a lot of stress on a daily basis: from the makeup you apply to air pollutants, sweat, and more. Facials are the perfect opportunity to cleanse away any build up and nourish your skin with nutrients. We take skin care seriously and were eager to hone our skills!

We also spent 5 days training on trigger points and techniques from India. As a result we are pleased to now offer an Ayurvedic Head Massage to alleviate brain fog, headaches, insomnia, stress and more while aromatherapy focuses on balancing mind, body and spirit.

Another new addition to the Victoria House Spa menu is the Thai Compression Balls Massage. This treatment induces deep relaxation, increases circulation, relieves stress and fatigue, and alleviates pain.

Ready to try some of our new offerings for yourself? Book your treatment today either by e-mail or by calling us at (011) 501-226-2067. We look forward to helping you relax during your stay!