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Summer temperatures in Belize may be all year-round but celebrating the opening
of the Lobster season comes by once each year. Historically, San Pedro town was
a fishing village inhabited primarily by the Yucatan Mayas who used the island as
a trading center. The name of the village, today the town, San Pedro was named in
reverence to Saint Peter, known as the patron saint of the fishermen.

Today, an increase number of European descent expatriate and a large population
of Mestizo, descendants of Spanish and Yucatan Maya work and live on the island.
The island has become a primary tourist destination housing over 250 hotels and

This year the opening of the Lobster season will be celebrated on June 14, 2014 to
June 21, 2014. The week long festivities are truly a thrilling celebration and a time
spent by the local community devouring in the luxury commodity.

In preparation for the festivities local fishermen set “fish pots” locally made lobster
traps days in advance. The Lobster festival has come to attract thousands of local
and international visitors to the island intrigued in tasting the freshly caught spiny
lobsters freshly grilled on the beach and a chance to experience the authentic
Caribbean island-feel.

Many well-known restaurants and hotels participate in the festival by preparing
special lobster activities and a specialized mouth-watering lobster menu. On
Saturday, June 21 the Lobster Festival culminates with an extravagant block party
consisting of performances by internationally recognized Belizean artists such as:

  • Supa G and the creative Pannerifix Steel Drum Band.

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