This was our first trip to Belize and to Ambergris Caye (near the town of San Pedro on Ambergris). I knew the water would be beautiful, but our knowledge pretty much ended there. We stayed for 5 nights in March 2017 and had a marvelous time. The hotel and property are gorgeous, and the water was a million colors of turquoise as we hoped, but the truly amazing thing about Victoria House is the terrifically nice, warm and engaging staff – every single one of whom will consider it their greatest joy to make your stay icer. My wife and I have traveled now to over 70 countries, and by and large (but with a few Caribbean exceptions), people all over the world are nice and friendly if given a chance, but at Victoria House those warm feelings and true sense of wanting to help and be friendly are entirely engrained in their beings. It is a very unique experience. Thanks to all the staff, but a special thanks to Marlon and Christina who we met the very first stay and remained special to us the entire stay. We must add that while the team at Victoria House is really something special, every one we interacted with on this island seemed genuinely happy and outgoing, and happy for us to be there – always wanting to know what they could do to help. It stands out more here than any other destination we have ever visited – we felt very welcomed indeed. Now about the facilities. We stayed in a second floor Palmetto Room (24) with a wonderful terrace with chairs and a great view over the lawn, pool, coconut trees and the incredibly blue Caribbean. The room was spacious and bright with good AC. While we had a few showers while we were there, mostly they happened in the middle of the night while we slept, but rain never distracted and we had several days with perfectly clear skies. The rain when it came was very tropical – showers came up quickly, cooled things off and quickly left the skies clear, bright and dry. The food and service was so good at Victoria House that we only went off-property a couple of times. With only 42 rooms (the hotel was full the whole time we were there), and spacious, beautifully planted grounds, there were always plenty of seats in the restaurants, around the pools or on the lovely palm shaded beach. The breeze constantly cooled us. I had expected more humid, warm weather – but it was delightful the whole time – thanks to always present trade winds I have to mention the new spa: The facility is gorgeous and masseuse was skilled!

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