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You’ve probably seen pictures or heard of it. It’s terrifyingly beautiful. It’s the Great Blue Hole.

Found right here in Belize, the world-famous sinkhole is just off our shores in the middle of Lighthouse Reef. At over 400 feet deep and over 900 feet across it’s the largest in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The natural wonder is a renowned dive destination. Marine life found in the hole includes nurse sharks, reef sharks, large groupers, and even the elusive hammerhead shark. Divers are required a certain level of experience before diving the hole due to how deep the dive goes.

It’s believed that the hole was once a large series of caverns above the sea that was eventually submerged as there are stalactites and different column formations found within it. This piece of geological history is a “bucket list” destination for many, and no wonder when it can be seen all the way from space.

Interested in learning to dive or checking out the Blue Hole for yourself? Check out our website for more information on scuba diving in Belize. Voted the Most Amazing Place on Earth by Discovery Channel, this is something you don’t want to miss during your travels!