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Ancient Mayan ruins in Belize

The Maya were the first organized civilization to inhabit ancient Belize, dating back to the Classic Period, about 300 AD. Today, the great monuments, Mayan temples, and stone cities of this ancient civilization stand erect and intact in Belize.

Walking amongst the artistic, creative, and detailed remains of the ancient Mayan ruins is at once an awe-inspiring and eerie experience. Belize is the center of the Maya civilization and is known to have the largest concentration of Mayan ruins in Central America. It’s believed this area of Belize may have as many as 1,300 Mayan sites still unexcavated.

Many land-based Maya exploration tours are paired with exciting journeys into the tropical rainforest, caving below the surface, or floating lazily down underground streams or lazy rivers.

Book an exciting and adventurous time exploring the wonders of the cave system through your very own Belize Caving Expedition. Archeologists have discovered the remarkable connection between the secrets of the caves and the underworld of the Maya. The ancient Maya considered the caves the portals to the underworld: a dwelling place for the gods, and ancestral spirits, and a source of both good and evil spirits.

Xunantunich - Mayan Ruins

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Mayan Ruins Adventures

Lamanai Mayan Ruins Tour- Full Day

The Mayan ruins of Lamanai are found on the 30 mile-long New River Lagoon banks in North Central Belize. The Lamanai Archaeological Reserve also contains a museum, the remnants of two 16th century Spanish Churches and a colonial sugar mill established in 1860. Set in a tropical forest and providing a unique experience in Maya culture and the biological diversity of a tropical Rainforest. This Mayan Ruins tour departs at 6:15AM and returns at approximately 5:50PM.

Available daily with a minimum of 2 guests via the Belize City route which includes a one-hour driver and a 1-hour boat ride each way.

Lamanai Ruins and River Tour – Short Version

Take the 18-minute flight to Tower Hill Airstrip, followed by a 15-minute drive to the awaiting skiff for the 1-hour boat ride on the New River. As the boat winds its way deeper into the jungle, be on the lookout for tropical birds, Morelet’s crocodiles, exotic flowers like orchids, bromeliads, and lily pads on the riverbank. Once at the site follow your expert guide on the trails leading to the ball court, Jaguar Temple, and other temples of importance; be sure to take your picture by the “Masks”. While on the trails be on the lookout for occasional troops of spider or howler monkeys and if lucky the elusive national bird of Belize, the Keel Billed Toucan among other birds in the jungle canopy above you. Lunch is served after the tour on site under the jungle canopy followed by the boat ride back for your flight back to the island. Taxi departs the hotel lobby at 7:15 AM for the 8:00 AM flight and returns around 2:30 PM back at the San Pedro Airstrip for your taxi ride back to the resort.

Flight departs the island on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, spaces are available depending on aircraft size.

Half Day Lamanai Ruins Tour

Take an 18-minute flight direct to a private airstrip in the jungle next to the Mayan site. A jungle buggy will await your arrival and take you on a 5-minute ride to the lagoon side where your boat captain will have a breakfast burrito ready. The boat ride is 5 minutes on the New River Lagoon to the site of Lamanai.

Your expert guide will walk you through the paths leading to the main temples and plazas of this huge Maya City. Along the way, he will point out medicinal plants, trees, native birds, and sometimes even local troops of spider or howler monkeys that frequent the site. Bring a good pair of sneakers or strap sandals to climb some of the tallest temples in the city to enjoy a panoramic view of the mantle of colors that is the pristine jungle surrounding the city of Lamanai. Breakfast burrito, water, and ground transfers included.

Taxi departs the hotel lobby at 7:45 AM and returns around 12:30 PM, just in time to move on to your second activity if you so wish. Flights depart the island on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, seats are limited to aircraft size.