Victoria House Resort and Spa Reopened Oct. 1, 2020!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been several weeks since the Government of Belize reopened the international airport and Victoria House Resort & Spa reopened to international travelers.

Under this Phase 3 reopening, all travelers to Belize will be subject to new COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. One of the main aspects of this limited reopening of the country is a requirement that you book a hotel that meets the qualifications set forth in the Belize Tourism Board’s “Tourism Gold Standard” Recognition Program for hotels and tour operators.

Victoria House Resort & Spa Is Gold Standard Certified

During these past few months, we incorporated new safety and sanitation measures so you can trust that your stay will be in the safest environment possible. We take these new measures seriously and are exceeding those guidelines set forth under the new Gold Standards program. Our safety, sanitization, and cleaning protocols can be found on our website under our COVID-19 Safety and Policies.

Phase 3 Travel to Belize Guidelines (Updated December 20, 2020)

graphic showing entry requirements to Belize under COVID rules

You can find the full set of Phase 3 travel guidelines on the Belize Tourism Board’s (BTB) website. Unfortunately, we do not know when Phase 3 will end or when Belize will lift any restrictions, but there have been some major updates effective as of December 20,2020. To help you prepare for your upcoming Belize vacation, we’ve summarized the most important aspects of the BTB’s Phase 3 Guidelines here:

Download Belize Health App

You must download the Belize Health App and enter your information no more than 72 hours before you arrive in Belize. After completing the eight-step process, you will receive a unique QR code that you need to show to Immigration officials when arriving in Belize. It’s imperative that you don’t enter your information early, or your code will expire, and you may be denied entry into Belize. iOS users can download the Belize Health App in the App Store while Android users can download it from the Belize Tourism Board website.

Airport Arrival Guidelines

  • All passengers need to download and register on the Belize Health App before departure. With this app, travelers will be asked to register and provide information regarding their health and recent travel; each person will be given a unique entry number (via QR Code) that will help facilitate their movement within the country.
  • Guests are urged to take a COVID PCR test within 96 hours of travel to Belize. If submitting a RAPID TEST, it must be done within 48 hours of travel. Proof of a negative result will assure passengers an immigration Fast Track on arrival.
  • Those who choose not to take the COVID-19 test prior to arrival in Belize must take a rapid test, at their own expense, at the Belize International Airport. Anyone who tests positive will be subject to a 14-day quarantine period in Belize at their own expense.
  • Starting on December 20, 2020, a curfew is in effect for children between 6 pm-5 am and adults between 8 pm-5 am.  This means that all guests would need to be back at the resort and remain on property during these hours.

Departing PGIA to San Pedro

Victoria House Resort and Spa guests are asked to arrange transportation to the island directly through us. You will fly directly from Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport to San Pedro and transfer immediately to the resort using our private transportation. We can arrange and book these local flights for you to help expedite your arrival. Once you arrive at the resort, we can arrange a golf cart rental for you as well.

Once at Victoria House Resort & Spa

Once you arrive at Victoria House, you are no longer required that all guests remain on our property for the duration of your trip. The safe corridor for travelers has been expanded to include all Gold Standard and Certified entities such as tour operators, restaurants, tourism sites, gift shops, cart rentals, and taxis. You can move freely about the island, but the Belize Tourism Board highly encourages you to remain within the safe corridor by visiting and using only those entities who are Gold Standard certified and display their certifications.

You now have the additional freedom to book your own tours. However, it’s still recommended that you only use Gold Standard certified operators during this Phase 3 reopening. We are happy to arrange your activities and tours. Victoria House has always worked only with the most professional guides and tour operators, all of whom will have met Gold Standards. We have world-class fishing, snorkeling, and other water sports, along with some fun new activities waiting for you.

We know you want to enjoy your experience with us, so will arrange tours and activities for you that meet Gold Standards and ensure your safety. Under Phase 3 reopening, guests will not be able to arrange tours on their own. However, Victoria House has always worked only with the most professional guides and tour operators, all of whom will have met Gold Standards. We have world-class fishing, snorkeling, and other water sports, along with some fun new activities waiting for you.

During your stay, guidelines no longer require that guests have all meals at the resort. You can now walk, bike, or rent a golf cart to go dine in town at your favorite restaurants. Be sure to enjoy a few meals on property though as we’ve been working on new and delightful menu offerings for you, along with some delicious surprises! You’ll have more choices than ever and many ways to enjoy dining with us around our beautiful property.

Palmilla Restaurant and Admiral Nelson’s Beach Bar are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are still countrywide guidelines in place regarding eating at restaurants. Dining in Belize is still by reservation only under the new relaxed guidelines. Groups are limited to no more than ten people per table and all tables must be at least six feet apart. Under the new rules effective December 20, 2020, liquor sales in Belize must stop at 6 pm daily. However, as a guest of the resort, you are free to dine and purchase alcohol as usual.

Masks are Required

Please be aware that masks are required by the Belize government in all public places and social distancing is mandatory. Please plan on wearing your mask all the way through the airport, on the flight to the island, and during the transport to the hotel, etc. We suggest you bring a few extra masks just in case.

Once you reach Victoria House, masks are required, including at our front desk, walking into the spa or the restaurant/bar, etc. Of course, you can remove your mask once inside the restaurant and seated. You can also forego a mask at the pool or on the beach, as long as you maintain a sufficient distance from anyone not in your family.

COVID-19 Tests Required for Returning Travelers to Canada and the United States (New for January 2021)

Negative COVID-19 tests are now required for all travelers returning to Canada. A negative test will also be required for all travelers returning to the United States starting on January 26, 2021. Canada requires a negative PCR test, while a rapid test is allowable for U.S. travelers. The Belize Tourism Board has announced expanded testing for all departing passengers to ensure a stress-free Belize vacation.

Infographic discussing Belize Government's roll out of widespread COVID-19 testing for travelers returning to the US and Canada

In addition, we have made arrangements with local clinics and medical professionals to offer personal concierge COVID-19 testing on-site at Victoria House for our guests who require a rapid test for U.S. travel. You can find all the details in our post, Victoria House Resort & Spa to Offer Paid COVID-19 Testing On-Site.

Flexible Booking Policies

We understand that these guidelines will affect your vacation experience and we want you to enjoy your time with us. Also, just as in North America, guidelines can change. We have created Flexible Booking Policies so that you can book now knowing that, if you like, you can change your dates without a penalty.

photo describing Victoria House COVID19 booking policies, updated Nov 2020

Victoria House Resort and Spa is Now Accepting Reservations

With our new flexible booking policy, we are making it easy to plan your future Belize vacation to Victoria House Resort & Spa. Thank you for your support and continued patience as we work through this phased reopening of Belize. We know you are excited to get down here, and we are delighted to have you back — whether that’s later this year or in 2021. For now, continue to stay safe wherever you are. And, remember — stay curious, Belize awaits! 

Victoria House Resort and Spa staff group