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Aerial over Belize's Great Blue Hole

From the sandy beaches and warm tranquil waters of the Caribbean, to the breathtaking Maya Mountains, beautiful and exotic Belize is an exciting adventure waiting to happen. Peaceful Belize can be as intimate as you want, or it can be as expansive and breathtaking as you want to explore. Naturally, it can be all of these things if you want it to be.

You merely have to say the word “Belize” and your mind will be flooded with images of lush rainforests, winding waterfalls, expansive limestone caves, and other-worldly snorkeling and diving along the world’s second largest coral reef system, the Belize Barrier Reef.

At about 8,900 sq. miles (slightly larger than the state of Massachusetts), serene Belize is very accessible. Combine that with temperatures that rarely get lower than 65 F at night and usually no higher than 95 F in the day, and with rainfall not getting much higher than about 8” per month (except in specific areas in the summer), and it’s no wonder Belize is an outdoor activity Mecca. On a given day, you could be strolling along the beach on Ambergris Caye, and within minutes be snorkeling, diving, zip lining through the jungle, birding, sailing the Caribbean, tubing through ancient caves, or even parasailing.

Belize is often referred to as a cultural melting pot, with seven different ethnic peoples blending and celebrating their diversity, largely in the dozen small towns that are scattered across the country. That diversity is best found in the languages that are spoken locally and in the cuisine that has developed over the centuries. Diverse and nuanced Caribbean flavors enhance the cuisine’s charm and quality, making fine dining in Belize a unique experience.

The country is known to have one of the most extensive cave systems in Central America. Archeologists have now discovered the remarkable connection between the secrets of the caves and the underworld of the Maya. The ancient Maya considered the caves the portals to the underworld; a dwelling place for the gods, ancestral spirits, and a source of both good and evil spirits. You can choose to hike, float, or swim through these stunning underground caverns that are sure to leave a lifelong impression.

Belize is also the perfect destination for those fascinated with what moves, flies, and lives in the lush jungle canopy. This is the perfect vacation spot for a season “twitcher,” or a beginning bird watcher. Belize is the ideal place to experience a bird sanctuary. Although Belize is a tiny country measuring less than 9000 square miles, about 60% of Belize is considered a protected area. The abundance of forest reserve area makes Belize a favourite destination for approximately 500 species of beautiful and exotic birds.

Whether high in the trees, deep in the ocean, or in caves adjoining them both, Belize is a vacation destination steeped in history, rich in culture, and diverse in offerings. It’s waiting for you.